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Alice Pelton, Co-Founder of the world’s first contraception review platform, The Lowdown

Next up in my Healthtech lockdown series, I caught up with Alice Pelton, Co-Founder of The Lowdown, the world’s first contraception review platform. Within just 14 months, the platform has skyrocketed, partly due to Alice being accepted onto the prestigious Entrepreneur First accelerator programme where she met her co-founder David, and partly because, as Alice…

“Women around the world are all the same. They are going to take care of their children and their community and often die doing so”, says Marissa Fayer, CEO of HERHealthEQ.

One of the joys of lockdown is that I’ve managed to get hold of some incredible women all around the world that I would never have got to otherwise, one of whom is Marissa Fayer. Marissa is the Founder and CEO of HERHealthEQ, a not-for-profit that provides medical devices and equipment for women’s health issues…